What can the TLC Points do for me?

Your TLC Points can be used across an ever-growing array of services within our ecosystem. They can be held and earn a return, they can be transferred in to your trading account and used to buy and sell Stocks, FX, Cryptocurrencies etc. You can use your points to create a long-term investment portfolio or day trade. The points can be withdrawn anytime (Bonus Points have conditions), if you chose to increase your returns you may opt to lock in over a period of time.

Track your points and miles

See all of your balances at a glance, with a single login. Diversify your wallet by using your points to acquire investment or speculative assets, and we’ll show you all of your balances, updated in real time. Currently, you can track nearly 1000s of options!

Real-time updates, every time you sign in
Bank-level security keeps your information safe
Take your wallet anywhere on your phone or tablet

Redeem points for Cash

You can redeem your points for cash simply by applying for a withdrawal online.

More options and offers to reward yourself — and others
100+ gift cards available from your favorite retailers
Send Points to friends and family
Or take up one of the special offers from our partners

Exchange between your programs

Exchange allows you to convert points from one of your programs to another, or choose one of the other assets available, equities, FX, Crypto. Build up your favorite balances faster by using your wallet to generate an income from one of our programs, with no added fees. Take a look around your wallet — you might be a quick swap or two away from your next reward.

Boost your favorite program's balance closer to a reward
Convert points to long term investments
Put idle points and miles to use in a different program